The Faerie Knowe Neighbourhood Watch (FKNHW) is a voluntary crime prevention support structure serving the Faerie Knowe Neighbourhood and the SA Police Services. It fills the gap between the amazing Neighbourhood Watches of Capri and Milkwood Park. It is the eyes and ears of the Faerie Knowe neighbourhood and it is made up entirely of Faerie Knowe residents who wish to help to make our suburb a safe and secure place to live, so that we can all continue to enjoy living in this special South Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. Patrolling the neighbourhood is one of the key activities of any neighbourhood watch.

Faerie Knowe Neighbourhood Watch has just restarted, so we need all the help we can get from YOU, our wonderful neighbour. How can you get involved?

Join a patrol. It is as little as a 2-hour shift once per month, with a partner. You are simply the eyes and the ears and you will be supported in this role. You will report any incidents. This is a great way to look after our neighbourhood. The size of our little neighbourhood means that having patrols will be very effective at reducing crime. Please do let us know if we can add you to the patrol roster. We need every single one of you! If a patrol is not for you then our other suggestion would be is to be the ears on the other side of the patrol AND to alert SAPS as any incident has arisen or to alert any emergency personnel in the area.

Drive slowly around the neighbourhood, being observant, on your way in and out of Faerie Knowe. If you see something unusual, take an extra lap to make sure it is okay. If necessary, report it to the WhatsApp social group.

Be as descriptive as possible when reporting unusual / suspicious behaviour.

Male/ Female? Age range? Colour of shirt, pants, shoes. Race. Any other distinguishable features? What is suspicious about their behaviour?

Put out your black bin on Monday morning to reduce the incidence of bin-pickers coming on Sunday nights (criminals often pose as bin-pickers). Be aware that bin-pickers often carry weapons and have the opportunity to scout out the area. This is something we want to minimise. Please rather drop off unwanted items at various organisations (Living Hope if unbroken) / the dump as they can re-use or redistribute the items, rather than attracting people to Faerie Knowe neighbourhood.

Fundraising   if you have ideas or can provide contacts / donations, please be in contact with us, and the FKNHW committee would appreciate your assistance.

  • We will need to fund raise to manage the buying, supply and licencing of two-way radios for individual residents;
  • sourcing various items to benefit the community — e.g. reflective vests for patrollers, FKNHW emergency number stickers, various decals.
  • organizing and promoting community events (Park clean-ups)
  • providing the community with useful information and tips about safety and security;
  • managing the finances, writing the minutes of monthly meetings, and more.

These kinds of activities mean that there are many opportunities for residents to volunteer some of their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the suburb’s residents, including their own family.

Expertise we are aware that there are residents who have been part of previous FKNHW and although you may not be willing to join at this stage your experience and suggestions would be greatly valued by the new committee members.

Help is ALWAYS welcome. We appreciate you.

Thank you.
Faerie Knowe Neighbourhood Watch Committee