8 Simple Security Tips


Some of the most commonly overlooked security tips for each homeowner should consider follows.

  1. Know your neighbours. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbours, and while you’re at it, invite them over for coffee. Know whether they work during the day, whether they have children (and, if so, what they look like), and what their needs are.
  2. Not all criminals look like typical burglars. Some are known to be well dressed, vagrants, job seekers. Remember many have runners who monitor the area before burglaries.
  3. Close your windows and curtains at night. A big screen TV is a less enticing steal if no one knows it’s there. Leaving your blinds open and lights on at night provides a free look into your house, its layout, and the habits of its occupants. And leaving windows open at night or when you’re gone is an invitation for an uninvited guest to come on in.
  4. Please check the effectiveness of your alarm from time to time. Too many false alarms and your neighbours are likely to ignore them, perhaps at your cost.
  5. Unlocked cars. Ensure they are locked and that valuables are not left on the seats, visible to criminals.
  6. Where possible, cars should be parked within gated security.
  7. Lock all doors at all times. Do not leave gates or garage doors ajar or unattended.
  8. Overgrowth is an ideal place for criminals to hide, thin out. A neighbourhood with mowed lawns, flowers, and freshly painted homes looks like it’s cared for, and this alone can help deter crime. neighbourhoodwatchx250